My first colour-bubble-art project is ready to go. After half a year of producing i am glad that i went the way of finding out how different liquids are interacting. Macro video became my passion.
I know there are a lot of color milk art projects out there but i wanted to try it on my own. I played with different types of milk products and a very wide range of different colors. From normal acrylic color to different types of ink. Also I used everything what I found in my room. Especially the process at the end of the video where the colors are "opened" was very cool to discover. 
So i am also very proud that the outstanding music artist Feverkin allowed me to use his music piece "Sinking" for my video. This piece of music completes the color art.
So check out his website and instagram feed!! Please enjoy and turn the music loud.
Equipment used:
RED Scarlet-W in 5K 10:1
Sigma 105mm with different tubes
Sony A7r2 for the last picture
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Feverkin "Sinking"(feat. Nori)
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